New Song, Old Video

So we had an old video of us playing live and a recorded version of the song just sitting around.  So we thought… “Hell, lets put em together!”  And thats exactly what we did.  Enjoy!

EP is still coming out.  With more songs than originally planned!  This being one of them.

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New tour dates

Here’s the dates we have confirmed so far. If you come to the show and stop by the merch booth and say the secret password phrase “Nicole is the best,” Tyler will kiss you on the mouth. But only if you are a girl. If you are a boy, he will look into your eyes and tell you your fortune.

6/9 IOTA Cafe (Arlington, VA)
6/10 The Milestone (Charlotte, NC)
6/11 Club Relevant (Virginia Beach, VA)
6/12 Sector 7G (Augusta, GA)
6/13 Catawaba Valley Brewery (Morganton, NC)
6/14 The Oasis (Charleston, SC)
6/16 The Warehouse (East Ridge, TN)
6/17 Long Memorial Hall (Farmington, MO)
6/18 Pop’s (Sauget, IL)
6/21 RockWater (Wassau, WI)
6/23 Stake America (Eau Claire, WI)
6/24 The Warehouse (LaCrosse, WI)
6/25 The Vault (Buffalo, MN)
6/29 The Wire (Muskogee, OK)
7/8 The Big Room (Olympia, WA)
7/9 Studio Seven (Seattle, WA)
7/13 The Venue (Boise, ID)
7/14 Why Sound (Logan, UT)
7/15 The Edgemont (Orem, UT)
7/16 The Sets (Tempe, AZ)

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This was on our van this AM. People are so nice!

This was on our van this AM. People are so nice!

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In Ohio en route to Cleveland for the first show of the last tour. We’re going to slay Cleveland like Dwight Howard in game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals!!!

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news flash.

Eight years is a long to time to be in any relationship, especially a
public one. Far-Less has had many ups and downs, even a break-up or
two, but we have made music that we are proud to call our own and had
a lot of fun doing it. This being said, Far-Less is going on an
indefinite hiatus following our summer plans. No doubt we will play
some shows down the road, but now is the time for us to think about
our futures and work on our other projects.

To say the group is getting out of the music scene would be a total
lie. We are, however, moving on to new things. Far-Less has been a
life changing experience, but remaining friends is the most important
thing to us right now and it is obvious to us that this is the best
course of action.

We will be releasing the Headache EP and will be touring this summer.
Here are our confirmed dates, with more to come soon.

06/04/09        Peabody’s Pirates Cove (Cleveland, OH)
06/06/09        Eleanor Rigby’s (Jermyn, PA)
06/07/09        Hangar 84 (Vineland, NJ)
06/08/09        Highline Ballroom (New York, NY)
06/09/09        IOTA Cafe (Arlington, VA)

Our final show will be on August 14th @ Greene Street in Greensboro, NC, featuring old band members and old songs.

Jordan Powers is filling in on bass for the House of Fools
(www.myspace.com/houseoffools). He and Brandon Welch will be working
on new material that is unrelated to Far-Less, not to mention the Jack
Devil’s Band. Brandon Welch, Brandon Hackler, and Tyler Hill will be
working on a new project called Werewolves In Their Youth. Hackler
will continue his recording endeavors.

Thank yous are owed to the following people: Joseph Powers, Ray Felts,
Mark Karsten, Brian Freeman, Todd Turner, Bitsy Pina, Josh King, Jared
Draughn, Mike Schey, Jerod Untiedt, the Powers family, the Welch family, the Felts
family, the Karsten family, the Hackler family, Steve Hill, the Turner
family, Casey Shafer, Nicole Haldeman, Nate Mallon, Jay and Roe, Scott
and Robbie at Silent Uproar, John Frazier at Tooth & Nail, Teddy
Cromer, Larry and Alan, Joe at Greene Street, Jamie
King, Lee and Andy, Mike Greene, House of Fools, Paulson, He Is
Legend, Mae, The Honorary Title, The Glass Ocean, Emery, Anberlin, The
Classic Crime, Hand to Hand, Swift, [minus driver], Secret and Whisper, 10 Years, Bedlight for Blue Eyes, everyone else we have shared the stage with, everyone who took us inand let us shower and sleep in your house, everyone that has our
records, everyone that has fed us, everyone that got us drunk, and
everyone that came to our shows. Not lastly, thank you to the people
who are still keeping up with us right now and the people who will
continue to support our future projects.   Live long and prosper

p.s. Our buddy Matt Hudson ( the o.k. feeling)  will be playing bass for us on the tour. So say hi to him.

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Week one of the dates we have for our tour with Abandon Kansas go a little something like this. 6/04/09 @ peabody’s in Cleveland, OHIO ( home of the bone thugs) 6/06/09 @ eleanor rigby’s in jermyn, PA 6/07/09 @ hangar 84 in Vineland, NJ 6/08/09 @ highline ballroom in NY,NY 6/09/09 @ IOTA cafe in Arlington,VA ….more to come…. “headache e.p” on the way soon….

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Friday show!

We are playing this friday at Greene Street in Greensboro, NC with He is legend.  Come see us.


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Far-Less - The Headache EP

EP will be out soon.  No official date yet.  We’re still doing some last minute obsessing and maniacal perfectionist tweaking but you’ll have it soon.  Track list is:

1. Georgia
2. Too Pretty (To Be A Zombie)
3. A Toast To Bad Taste
4. Headache (New Song!)
5. So Glad (Acoustic)

Some people are not quite grasping the idea here so I’ll break it down one more time. This isn’t a greatest hits. It isn’t a remix CD. It isn’t remastered versions. We took songs that we thought were representative of every step in Far-Less’ career and completely redid them. We rewrote, rerecorded and re-imagined their direction as if THIS BAND, THIS LINEUP, AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME had written these songs. These aren’t supposed to be better or improvements on the old versions of the songs. Merely an indication of where we are in our lives and careers right now. We took what sounds good to our ears NOW, in 2009, and applied it to some old favorites. We hope you enjoy them! Keep an open mind.

Also, check the myspace page, we put up a little sampler of the EP on there.  Listen hard, hard listeners.

Your friendly neighborhood Far-Less

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Yo…art people.

You may have noticed our myspace is totally different and totally bare now. Really we did this because we got tired of tacky, over done and busy myspace kookinesss. Plus we all have pretty modest computers and were sick of our myspace taking a light year to load.

Anyway, we basically have one large splash graphic now and that’s it. We plan on changing this every couple of days. 

Well, we’re mixing the EP right now , trying to get it out, and I am pretty much stuck in the world of Ableton Live and don’t have time for Photoshop. SOOOO. Why don’t you send us some stuff!!!

Heres what you do:
1. Make a cool, PG rated graphic (height - 410 pixels, width - 800)
2. Upload it somewhere
3. Send us the link
4. Feel awesome because we put it on our page
5. Eat Oreo Klondike bars

The last one really doesnt have anything to do with this but they taste awesome.

Really there are no rules here.  The graphic you’re making will replace the graphic of the pig  currently on our myspace.  Just have it say far-less somewhere.  But the skies the limit.  Go nuts.  Just remember. H=410 W=800.

This isn’t a contest. We’ll use everyones…if they’re good! Be sure to put your name or myspace link in small font on the submission.​.​.​like.​.​.​designed by: Clinton Portis.

we love you dang people.


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Da Myspace Changerino

Myspace changed.  It is now not pretty.  It is not not technologically advanced.  It now loads faster.  It now has a pig on it. 

That’s the long and short of it.


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Relapse Weekend….

Let’s talk about….. Shall we? I stopped smoking cigs about two weeks ago. It’s a terrible habit that I have had for eight or nine years and I was just sick of it. I speak of not smoking as if it were some kind of thing from the past because during “Relapse Weekend” I smoked quite a few cigarettes. Last weekend a few of our friends came into town from North Carolina for the sake of aiding us in our growing urge to do things on our own. ( Also known as : Being creative and making art without boundries….well.. other than low budget) They brought a nice camera, great conversation, creative ideas, and we bought some beer. Throughout the weekend we filmed a video to be released with our e.p. The video is about some weird things that have been happening in the house. I have a feeling that it will be interesting when it’s finished. Everyone that came around the house throughout the weekend helped out. So thanks to Josh, Patrick, J.T, Megan, Farmer, and Joseph. We did that stuff…. J.T and Jordan recorded a song….. Josh and I worked on a song… and Hackler started working on a new song that we may call: mark it up/mark it down? Working title… inside joke….but it was all ON OUR OWN… anyways… We drank some beer. I started craving a cigarette pretty bad after spending hours around a bunch of fellow smokers. Then, I caved. ON MY OWN. I’m back on track, though. I caved in to cigs but I’m back on track. Things like that happen from time to time. I’m cig free today and (hopefully) from here on. Also, I can’t believe that I am typing this stuff for other people to read. Thanks for reading this embarassing and somewhat informational blog. I had a blast during Relapse Weekend. New e.p… still untitled… coming soon. Smell The Glove, -bw p.s. I’m still cool with the smokers… I just need to save my throat.

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check this out.  our friend drew did this.  werd!

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A St. Patricks Day Gift

Go to our myspace and check out a demo of a new song.  It’s very fitting of today!

The Boys in the Hood,


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